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Benchmarks – 

Capstone – 

Competencies – A group of defined skills and content that allow BDEA students to demonstrate proficiency.

Exhibition –  A public forum in which students present their work to their peers, teachers, and community. The exhibition can take the form of an oral presentation, a project, or a display.

Narrative Report Card –  Given out twice per year, these reports provide detailed information about the courses the students are taking, course requirements, and the student’s performance.

Habits of Mind – 

Habits of Success – 

Portfolio –  A purposeful collection of their own work put together by the student that demonstrates his/her growth over a period of time.

Post-graduate Planning – 

Project Month – 

Roadmap – 

Rubric – A way of rating student work (portfolio, exhibition, written work, etc.) using a defined set of criteria that spell out the expectations of what is considered competent, highly competent and not yet competent.

Student Centered – 

Student Support – 

Trauma Sensitive – 

Trimester – 

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