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Constance Borab, Humanities Teacher, Hudson Project 2018-03-07T16:45:28+00:00

Borab joined BDEA in 2004. Previously, Borab was a teacher at New Mission High School. While there, she started a program called “Constructed Conversations: A cultural exchange” with Hudson High School. This project includes overnight retreats, conversations within each school, as well as field trips to each school with the goal of promoting reflective and purposeful conversations about students’ lives and communities. At BDEA, this program has taken on its own personality as “Breaking Stereotypes/Building Community” with student leadership continuing the conversation about bias and preconception with students from Hudson High School. In 2009, Borab was a national winner of the MetLife Ambassadors in Education Award.

Borab holds a double B.A. in English and Theater Arts from Boston College, and an M.A. in Critical and Creative Thinking in Literature, Humanities, and Arts from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She also holds a license in Foundations in Reading and Special Education from Northeastern University. Email

Michelle Allman, Math Teacher, Department Head 2018-03-07T17:20:53+00:00

Michelle joined the BDEA community in 2015 as a math teacher and became the head of the math department in 2017. Prior to BDEA, Michelle taught mathematics for over 15 years, including nine years at Champion High School, an alternative school in Brockton, MA.

While a program manager at Diploma Plus, Michelle worked with districts across the nation to build performance-based alternative schools for traditionally underserved students. Her focus in all her work has been to develop numeracy-rich classrooms; support authentic learning experiences; and improve blended and online learning approaches.

When she’s not at work, Michelle likes to spend time with her family, coach her children’s soccer teams, read, and tackle home renovation projects.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wesleyan University, completed her coursework for her M.A. in mathematics from Tufts University, and an M.A.T. in mathematics from Northeastern University.

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Sarah Barrington, Science Teacher 2018-03-07T16:43:56+00:00

Sarah joined the BDEA Science Department in 2012. Prior to joining BDEA, Sarah completed the Boston Teacher Residency program, teaching 9th grade Biology at Boston Latin Academy.

Before teaching Sarah was a shorebird specialist monitoring populations of endangered shorebirds and reporting the nesting data to the State and Federal Governments. Sarah has also interned at the New England Aquarium in the education program. Additionally she has worked as a Visitor Use Assistant with the National Park Service on the Cape Cod National Seashore. Sarah has also taught swim lessons and continues to teach swimming to students at BDEA.

Sarah holds a BA in Biology from Wheaton College and a M.Ed from UMass Boston.


Joseph Boulanger, Humanities Teacher, Department Head 2018-03-07T16:47:42+00:00

Joseph joined BDEA in 2005, having previously taught the History of the Americas and Social and Cultural Anthropology in the International Baccalaureate program.  He is also the department head for the BDEA Humanities team and teaches Advanced History and Research and Methods courses. His classes include the exploration of the impact of totalitarian regimes in World War II era Europe and researching the biological and environmental factors that influence the development of sociopathy in individuals.

Joseph is a recipient of the Fund for Teachers grant and used it to study post-colonial history in Tanzania and came back to co-teach a special symposium project titled the Cradle of Humankind with the science department.  In addition to being passionate about history, Joseph enjoys devouring books, collecting records, traveling and getting into adventures large and small. Email

Jacob Cipro, Science Teacher , Seminar 2018-03-07T17:31:56+00:00

Jacob joined BDEA in 2008. His Science classes focus on exploration and investigation, emphasizing to students the value of seeking knowledge. Jacob previously taught at Dorchester High School, and has had experience substitute teaching. He has also trained individuals to work in professional kitchens. Jacob is currently building a partnership with a stem cell research group from Harvard University Medical School to give students the opportunity to experience relevant medical research. Jacob spent the 2009-2010 school year working to create a physics curriculum, incorporating literacy and numeracy in addition to the principles of Physics. He spearheaded a project to transform his classroom to facilitate this curriculum, for which BDEA received a generous grant from the Smith Family Foundation. He has used “green” building processes, installing sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Jacob holds a B.S. in Biology from Ripon College, WI, and studied Theater at University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He is currently working towards an M.A. in Physics Education at Boston University.

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Sara Fass, Numeracy Specialist 2018-03-07T17:35:49+00:00

Sara joined BDEA in 2003 as a math teacher. Her math classes included an interdisciplinary approach to numeracy, and she also used volunteer resources to provide extra support for her students. In the 2010-2011 school year, Sara became the Numeracy Specialist, providing one-on-one and group support for students who struggle with Math. Sara holds a B.A. from Brown University and an M.Ed. from University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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Julie Gray-Parks, Humanities Teacher 2018-03-07T17:38:32+00:00

Julie joined the BDEA humanities department in 2016. Before joining BDEA, she taught ninth and tenth grade English at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School.

Julie is a graduate of the Boston Teacher Residency program. She holds bachelor of arts degrees in English and American Studies from Tufts University and a master of education from UMass Boston.

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Jennie Hallisey, Humanities Teacher 2018-05-02T11:07:52+00:00

Jennie has been a faculty member with Boston Day and Evening Academy since its inception as the Downtown Evening Academy in 1994. She has taught in high schools in California and Massachusetts. For many years, Jennie was the coordinator of the Distance Learning Program, serving students who are not able to come to school every day.  Jennie emphasizes to all of her students the importance of passion; in reaching their academic potential, as well as continuing to use their strengths and passions to grow and learn after graduation.

Jennie holds a B.A. in Speech Communication from Purdue University, an M.A. in Guidance Counseling from Bridgewater State University, and has a certification in Speech Communication, ELA, and Guidance Counseling. Jennie is part of the Humanities department.

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Lawrence Hutcheson, Math Teacher 2018-03-07T17:42:15+00:00

Hutch joined the BDEA math department in 2010. He was previously a teacher resident at the Timilty Middle School in Boston, and a tutor at Math Advantage in Wellesley, MA.  He has also worked for The Weston Drama Workshop in Weston, MA, David Korins Design Inc. in NYC, and The Yestermorrow Design Build School in Warren, VT, as well as volunteering with the Red Feather Development Group on the Hopi and Northern Cheyenne reservations. His diverse background in art, design and construction helps him develop math activities for the classroom that are practical, experiential and creative.

He holds a B.A. in Studio Art/Sculpture with a minor in Mathematics from Vassar College as well as a Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He lives with his wife and children in Jamaica Plain and bikes to work every day.

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Cristi Johnson, Math Teacher 2018-03-07T17:44:05+00:00

Cristi joined Boston Day and Evening Academy in 2011, teaching Math in the Evening Program. Previously, she taught math and Japanese to high school students at the Wadleigh Secondary School in Harlem, NY. Fluent in Japanese, she established a Japanese Language and Culture class to foster student interest in new languages and cultures. She was also the co-founder of a tutoring program called Harlem Hotdogs and Homework, where students could get extra support in mathematics.

Cristi has completed coursework at Boston Architectural College and holds a B.A. in History and Japanese from Brigham Young University, and an M.S. in Math Education from City College of New York.

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Christopher Johnson, Math Teacher 2018-03-07T18:24:54+00:00

Chris  joined BDEA in 2004 as a teacher in the math department. Previously, Chris taught at the Thompson Middle School in Mattapan, and the King Middle School in Dorchester. Chris has also worked as an Operations Manager at Staples, and at BankBoston, where he participated in their educational grant program by volunteering time to read to children. He also created the Black History Month program at BankBoston. Chris holds a B.S. in Business Management from Johnson and Wales University.

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David Jones, Humanities Teacher 2018-03-07T18:26:23+00:00

David Jones is a humanities teacher that has been with BDEA since 2015. His primary focus has been History, but he has also taught Research, Capstone, and Hip Hop Nation. David graduated from University of Kansas with his B.A. in Political Science in 2009. After finishing his bachelors, David worked at the state house in Kansas in the governor’s office under Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson, and in the House of Representatives with Dennis Moore (KS-3). David then moved to Boston to work with an education non-profit. His work at City Year influenced his desire to be in the classroom. David earned his M.A. in Education with the Boston Teachers Residency in 2012, and has taught in BPS since then.  In 2017/18 school year he was elected as building representative for Boston Teacher Union.  As a Teach Plus Alumni, his interest in education outside of the classroom focuses on education policy. Outside of the realm of education he enjoys creating visual arts, music, writing, traveling, and outdoor activities.

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Bernadette Kuan, Literacy Specialist 2018-03-07T18:28:41+00:00

Bernadette joined BDEA as a Humanities teacher in the Evening program in the fall of 2011. She completed the Boston Teacher Residency Program where her studies included Adolescent Development, Literacy, Language, Power and Democracy, Learning in a Cultural Context, Foundations of Teaching, Introduction to Special Education, and Behavioral Management. During the program, she taught at the Washington Irving Middle School in a sixth grade English Language Arts classroom. Her previous work includes Sylvan Learning, where she served as a teacher and site coordinator, Breakthrough Collaborative in San Francisco, CA, where she taught English and Sociology of Gender to enrich and support the education of fifth and sixth graders, and the Suicide Prevention & Crisis Services, where she served as a trained crisis counselor. Bernadette holds a preliminary license in Special Education, and an initial license in English Language Arts. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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Sara Lawrence, Instructional Para 2018-03-07T18:33:37+00:00

Sara Lawrence is a poet and writer. She joined the BDEA team in 2015 as an instructional paraprofessional. She received her Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Hampshire College where she concentrated in Psychology, Creative Writing and African American Literature. Sara began her work with youth when she graduated from student to instructor of bike mechanics at Bikes Not Bombs at the age of 14.  She later went on to work with other community based organizations including Hip Hop Mecca Project, Teen Empowerment, Verbalization/Young Gifted, and Black, and a host of others. Now, 25 years old, she is passionate in community building and sustainability in the Greater Boston area neighborhoods.

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Adrianne Level, Lead Teacher 2018-03-08T00:28:10+00:00

Adrianne joined the math department in 2011. She completed the Boston Teacher Residency Program, teaching 7th grade mathematics at Dever-McCormick K-8 school in Boston. Adrianne has volunteered for many organizations including the Steppingstone Foundation, and various Amateur Athletic Union clubs where she focused on building relationships with youth, provided enriching experiences, and helped them make healthy decisions to build successful lives for themselves. She is currently an American Red Cross disaster volunteer and continues to volunteer with numerous community organizations.  Adrianne holds a B.S in Business Management from Bentley University, and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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Jennifer Mills, Science Teacher , Department Head 2018-03-08T00:30:19+00:00

Jennifer joined the science department in 2001, where she is also department head. She enjoys sharing with students her passion for biology, especially the subjects of evolution and genetics. She loves traveling and likes to connect her experiences with classroom learning.  In 2012 she was fortunate enough to travel to Tanzania through a grant from Fund for Teachers. Jennifer earned bachelor of arts degrees in both English and Biology from the University of Connecticut, and a M.A. in Teaching from Simmons College.

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Sharif Muhammad, Technology and Capstone Teacher 2018-03-08T00:32:03+00:00

Sharif joined BDEA in 2002 as the Technology Instructor for both day and evening students. His classes include units on office software, web development and computer graphics, and he also is the instructor for students working on their Capstone projects. He holds a B.S. in Graphic/Web Design from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and a M.S. in Instructional Technology from Bridgewater State University.  Sharif has a passion for art and design.  In 2012, he picked up oil painting and loves creating new works of art in his free time.

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Chandrea Peng, Humanities Teacher 2018-03-08T00:34:07+00:00

Chandrea joined the BDEA Humanities Department in 2016. Before coming to BDEA, she completed the Boston Teacher Residency program, teaching 11th grade English. In the summer of 2014, Chandrea taught 6th grade Writing for Breakthrough Collaborative in San Francisco. She holds a B.A. in Education from Bryn Mawr College, and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is a Posse Scholar and Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow.

Chandrea is a huge fan of “The Office”. She loves petting dogs, reading think pieces, sharing memes, and chasing frisbees in her spare time.

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John Pike, Math Teacher 2018-03-08T00:36:01+00:00

John is a career changer who moved to Boston from Vermont in 2012 to participate in the Boston Teacher Residency Program, where he earned his Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts – Boston. Prior to changing careers and becoming a math teacher at BDEA in 2014, John was the Director of Finance and Operations for a school district in Vermont. John has four young adult “children” (3 boys and a girl) ages 19 to 28. In his spare time, John loves to fly fish, kayak, hike the mountains of New England, mountain bike and snowshoe.

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Janet Platt, Lead Teacher 2018-03-08T00:38:18+00:00

Janet joined BDEA in 2004 with the start of the Day Program. Previously, she taught Math in the Reading (MA) Public Schools, and Physics in Njikwa, Cameroon with the Peace Corps. She has also worked as a Math textbook editor. Janet’s classes focus on teaching students how to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers, gaining confidence and trust in themselves as students and in their ability to solve problems, value the lessons in mistakes they make, and to feel confident and satisfied in their abilities as mathematicians and as students. Janet regularly uses BDEA’s Project Month to create pinhole cameras with her students, who then present this work at BDEA’s annual Symposium. Students use math, physics, art, and logics to create the cameras. Janet holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and an M.Ed. with a concentration in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She is currently working toward certification in Special Education.

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Craig Ruiter, Science Teacher 2018-03-08T00:39:54+00:00

Craig joined BDEA in 2006. Previously, he taught Physics and Math at Boston Latin Academy and Dorchester High School. He also worked in the Biotechnology field producing the Tetanus vaccine. Craig’s partnership with Zoo New England, to create a project in which students made raptor boxes to house predatory birds such as owls and hawks, led to the school’s eventual transformation of an abandoned lot into an organic garden. The boxes were installed in various parts of the city to cultivate birds that feed on vermin, as an alternative to using pesticides. After being awarded a grant from the Boston Fund for Teachers, he traveled to Indonesia during the summer of 2010 where he worked at the Marine Research Center studying coral reef ecology. He used this experience to develop a unit on reef ecology. Craig holds a B.S. in Biology and an M.Ed. both from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

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Crystal Shah, Science Teacher 2018-03-08T01:44:34+00:00

Crystal joined the BDEA team in 2017 as a science teacher. Previously, Crystal taught at Chelsea High School as a science teacher for English Language Learners. She also works at CityLab at Boston University, where she teaches biotechnology and biomedical science through inquiry-based experimentation. She is interested in the connections between education and neuroscience and how to make the connections transparent to students so that they can leverage that information to benefit their own learning. Crystal holds a B.A. in Neuroscience and a B.S. in Science Education from Boston University, and an Ed. M. in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University.

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Julia Stoller, Math Teacher 2018-03-08T01:48:11+00:00

Julia joined the BDEA math department in the fall of 2017. Before that, Julia taught at Dorchester Academy and student taught at the Burke High School.

Julia is passionate about art and LGBTQ inclusion. She incorporates drawing, painting and photography into her math classes and lead a Project Month class that taught Geometry through art projects. Regarding LGBTQ inclusion, Julia ran the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Dorchester Academy and continues to be involved in making BDEA a queer-friendly space for students and staff.

Julia holds a BA in Education Policy from Brown University and a M.Ed from UMass Boston. She earned her M.Ed through the Boston Teacher Residency.


Aaron Stone, Science Teacher 2018-03-08T01:51:06+00:00

Aaron Stone began his career teaching 8th grade biology at Community Charter School of Cambridge. At the same time, he honored his commitment to service by joining the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. In 2009, Aaron joined Boston Day and Evening Academy. Aaron has been a Boston Teachers Union Representative, and a member of the school’s Election to Work Committee, Instructional Leadership Team, Administrative Leadership Team, and BPS cross-functional team researching district-wide autonomy. These experiences have allowed him to utilize a broadened perspective and deeper understanding of leadership, equity, and student and staff voice. He earned his B.S. in Biology and M.Ed. from the University of New Hampshire, and his Principal Licensure from Northeastern University in partnership with the Center for Collaborative Education.

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Chanté Bonds, Community Field Coordinator 2018-03-08T02:07:17+00:00

Chanté graduated from Bentley University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Design and Corporate Communication. In 2010 she received her Master’s degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. After a short stint in the business world as an Operations Manager at Brown Brother’s Harriman, Chanté changed careers and was an Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at the Division I level for eight years. Chante received a full scholarship to play basketball at Bentley University where her team won over 100 games in four years, making it to the Division II Final Four once in those four years.

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Charell Hendricks, Community Field Coordinator 2018-05-02T14:51:53+00:00

Charell served as a Youth Workforce Program Coordinator for out-of-school and at risk youth for Madison Park Development Corporation. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Certificate from Roxbury Community College, and previously worked closely with court-involved youth through the Choice Program while interning at Roxbury District Court. A Boston native and former Metco student, Hendricks worked as a Paralegal for Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan, LLP, the largest minority firm in the country, prior to joining MPDC. Charell also became a certified mediator through Vital Village’s Social Justice Institute. She is also a Robert Kraft Fellow through the organization Empath (formerly known as Crittenton Women’s Union). Charell is a mother of two, loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.

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Rosalinda Midence, Community Field Coordinator 2018-05-02T14:54:12+00:00

Rosalinda joined BDEA in 2018 as a Community Field Coordinator.

Her professional experience extends 24 years of educating, mentoring, and advocating for students through out the school district. Rosalinda is also a Boston Teachers Union Organizer and serves on The BTU COPE- Committee on Political Education and recently joined the Restorative Justice Committee.

Rosalinda earned a B.A. Multidisciplinary Studies, and M.Ed. in School Counseling from Cambridge College and is a Certified Spanish Medical  Interpreter and Translator for Bay State Interpreters. In her spare time she loves spending time with family and her pet.

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Cheuper Freeman, Community Field Coordinator 2018-03-08T02:05:59+00:00

Cheuper joined BDEA in 2004 as the school’s Safety Coordinator. He became a Community Field Coordinator for the Day program in 2007. Previously, Cheuper was a plant manager at Dial Corp. Cheuper is passionate about working with young adults, helping them build happy and healthy futures in successful careers and college. Cheuper participates in regular trainings with the Student Support Team, learning new ways for effective crisis intervention and prevention, including training at the Trauma Center, and completing a Sexual Exploitation prevention workshop. Cheuper holds an Associates degree in Business Management from Johnson and Wales University.

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Latashia Furtado, School Climate and Family Engagement Coordinator 2018-03-07T17:46:03+00:00

Tashia joined BDEA in 2012 as a Community Field Coordinator (CFC). She graduated from Cambridge College with an M.Ed concentration in Counseling Psychology. Tashia has worked in various schools throughout the city of Boston since 1997. She chose the field of support services because it allows her the opportunity to meet each student where they are and build from that perspective. She uses a holistic approach when serving our students, while helping to support and promote a new way of thinking and reflection on the possible alternatives to a behavior.

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Norman Lowe, Student Support Coordinator 2018-03-07T18:14:44+00:00

Norm joined Boston Day and Evening Academy in 2002 as a Student Support Services Coordinator and was recently named director of the department.  Norman offers support for students in social emotional health, attendance and retention, and works to introduce students to relevant and eye-opening experiences that will help them in their studies, and prepare them for life after high school. In 2002, Norm organized a reading and book signing with Author Michael Patrick McDonald. McDonald shared excerpts from his book All Souls, which resonated with students and got them excited about reading. Norman holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and an M.S.W. from Boston College.  In 2013 he was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Cathedral High School. “I acknowledge and honor my position as a role model, particularly for the young men of color with whom I work.”

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Nury Marcelino, School Psychologist/Clinical Coordinator 2018-03-07T18:16:25+00:00
Harrelson Rivera, Community Field Coordinator 2018-03-07T18:22:48+00:00

Harrelson came to BDEA after a full career with the Boston Center for Youth and Families in Roslindale,  where he worked as their Athletics Director.

Harry made the BCYF a second home for himself, and was recognized for his outstanding  contributions to the organization and to the city of Roslindale. A native of the South Bronx in New York, Harry was at the BCYF for 25 years.

Harry is currently pursuing a teacher’s license at UMass, Boston.

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Alyson Sullivan, Community Field Coordinator 2018-03-07T18:21:14+00:00

Community Field Coordinator, Student Support
617 635-6789 x 137
617 839-9258

Alyson joined the BDEA community in 2013 as the Student Admissions Manager and joined the Student Support Team in July 2015. Having graduated from Boston Public Schools herself, Alyson is dedicated to providing the individual support that adolescents in Boston need to be happy, successful high-school graduates. She has worked in the mental health field for over six years, holds a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in photography from Bridgewater State College, a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University, and a license in School Guidance Counseling, grades 5-12.

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Irma Camacho, Operations Manager ext. 101 2018-03-07T17:26:22+00:00

Irma joined BDEA in 2007. Previously, Irma worked in operations for Nuestra Communidad, a Dudley Square non-profit.

Irma comes to BDEA with a passion for being part of a unique, alternative organization that gives underserved youth the opportunity for success. Irma started her career at the school as executive assistant to the Head of School and became the Director of Operations in 2012.

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Bob Benson, Sr. Custodian ext. 133 2018-03-07T17:46:59+00:00
Brianne (Bri) Crocker, YouthHarbors, Rediscovery at JRI (781) 697-0984 2018-03-07T17:48:22+00:00
Greg Dias, School Police 2018-03-07T17:49:22+00:00
Elisabeth Ewick, Special Education Coordinator ext. 121 2018-03-07T17:51:48+00:00

Although Elisabeth joined the staff of BDEA in 2010, this is not her first time as a part of the BDEA community. From 2001-2006, she served as the Learning Center and Literacy Director for Boston Day and Evening Academy. Elisabeth has ten years of experience in urban education working within the Boston Public School system at Fenway High School and the Boston Teacher Residency Program, and teaching graduate-level courses at Northeastern University for teachers seeking certification as special educators. She has a solid background in supporting teachers to design classrooms to meet the needs of diverse learners in the inclusive classroom.

Elisabeth designed the learning center at Fenway High School, a model, which helped students with learning differences to succeed in post secondary education. She holds a B.A in Sociology and Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an M.Ed. from Lesley University.

Email Elisabeth

Siukey Garcia, School Secretary ext. 100 2018-03-07T17:52:59+00:00
Rita Gehrenbeck-Shim, Advancement Associate 2018-03-07T17:55:05+00:00

Rita began working as the Advancement Associate in 2017 after graduating with a B.A. in Sociology from Boston University. Her role situates itself within three departments: Development, Enrichment and Operations. Rita is passionate about the inclusive mission of BDEA, and hopes to incorporate similar practices in the future as a primary care physician. In her spare time, Rita enjoys dancing, biking, reading, writing and outdoor activities, and she teaches yoga in Jamaica Plain.

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Leslie Hill-Singleton, Registrar ext. 104 2018-03-07T17:56:48+00:00

Leslie joined BDEA in 2003. Previously, she worked in the healthcare industry, and also volunteered as a Parent Coordinator for the non-profit Teens Against Gang Violence. Leslie feels passionate about working with young people, giving them the resources and guidance to be successful in the face of obstacles. Leslie holds a B.S. in Human Services with a concentration in Youth Development. She is currently enrolled in Cambridge College pursuing a degree in Guidance Counseling.

Leslie completed her Masters of Education at Cambridge College in 2010, earning a degree in High School Guidance Counseling. While there she completed an Individual Research Project on the graduation rates of young males of color.

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Alison Hramiec, Head of School ext. 119 2018-03-07T17:59:15+00:00

Alison Hramiec has spent the last 15 years re-defining what school looks like for Boston’s most at risk high school population. Her tenure at Boston Day and Evening Academy began in 2004 as one of the founding science teachers for the Day program. In 2008 after completing her principal training and being mentored by the BDEA leadership team she was hired as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Through her leadership, she has helped bring clarity to the school’s competency-based program methodology, helping it become known nationwide. Alison is the lead designer of BDEA’s summer institute, REAL (Responsive Education Alternative Lab), which provides educators from around the country the tools to transform student learning to ‘student-centered’ learning.

As of July 1st 2015, she is BDEA’s new Head of School.

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Arpi Karapetyan, Data and Accountability Manager ext 214 2018-03-07T18:01:04+00:00

Arpi Karapetyan joined BDEA as the Accountability and Communications Manager in 2013. Before joining BDEA, Arpi taught at the Paraclete Academy, an after school program in South Boston, and worked as a City Year Corps member in Los Angeles.

She holds an Ed.M in Mind, Brain, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in Psychology from Grinnell College. She is a Posse Scholar.

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Debbi Kerr, School Nurse ext. 231 2018-03-07T18:03:24+00:00

Debbi joined BDEA in 2013. Prior to that she was the nurse in a large high school in northeastern MA. She also worked as the Director of School and Public Health Nursing for the city of Chelsea, which piqued her interest in the field of school health.  One of her favorite jobs was doing home visits with at-risk pregnant women, mostly teens, for the City of Boston’s Healthy Baby Program.  She also was in the Central African Republic, with the Peace Corps, teaching traditional birth attendants.  Debbi holds a BSN from Boston University, and a MPH from UNC Chapel Hill. Email

Boniele Parr, Boston Private Industry Council 2018-03-07T18:07:25+00:00

Boniele Parr is a Boston native who grew up in Dorchester, MA. She is a Boston Public School graduate of the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a minor in Theatre. She has always had a passion to serve youth and give back to her community.

She joined BDEA in 2015 as a Career Specialist for the Boston Private Industry Council. Since being at BDEA she has been able to assist students in getting after school jobs and private sector summer internships. She was also able to help coordinate a Career Day in April of 2017. She has been teaching the career readiness class for two school years now and is excited to continue helping students develop professionally. Now entering her second year at Lesley University to pursue her masters in counseling; Ms. Parr believes that you should let your passion be your pilot light and that with support and motivation any student can achieve their goals.

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Margie Samp, Director, Post Graduate Planning ext. 120 2018-03-07T18:09:13+00:00

Margie joined BDEA in 2000. Her work with BDEA students in Post-graduate planning includes visiting colleges, providing guidance and information on financial aid, the admissions process, and college applications, coordinating scholarships with colleges, and helping students with job placements, career counseling, and transition programs.

Previously, she was the producing director for the New Math Theater Company in New York City while working as an actor and voice-over artist. After moving to to Washington, DC, Margie taught English as a Second Language at Pimmit Hills High School in Falls Church, VA, taught drama at H-B Woodlawn in Arlington, VA, and produced educational documentary films. Margie holds a B.A. in Theater from Emerson College and an M.Ed. from the University of Virginia.

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Joyce Sanchez, College Advisor ext. 120 2018-03-07T18:10:46+00:00

Joyce serves as one of the school’s post graduate planning advisors through the College Advising Corps program at Boston University. Prior to BDEA, Joyce graduated with a BA in political science with a minor in journalism from Georgia Southern University. Throughout her undergraduate experience, she was extremely involved in school activities, and she volunteered both domestically and abroad. She also started The 100 Collegiate Women organization, one of the few women empowerment organizations on Georgia Southern’s campus. Joyce is currently working on her Masters in Urban Affairs with a concentration in Urban Development and Sustainability at Boston University. She also enjoys travelling, camping and writing poetry.

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Jordan Tavares, Admissions Manager 2018-04-18T18:54:43+00:00

Jordan joined Boston Day and Evening Academy as the Admissions Manager in 2017. Prior to BDEA, Jordan spent seven years working with young adults in different realms to help them thrive in areas of education, housing, and overall self-sufficiency. Jordan’s love and passion for young adults is a direct correlation to his upbringing and understanding of the community he serves. Jordan is in pursuit of his BA in Business Administration at Eastern Nazarene College. During his spare time, he enjoys swimming, golfing, reading, exercising, and spending quality time with family over delicious meals.

School Phone: 617-635-6789 Ext. 32155
School Cell: 857-269-6962

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Shirelle Williams, Junior Technician, Front Door 2018-03-07T18:13:02+00:00

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